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Why living in Stockbridge is so great!

By ChiUni 01 Aug 2019

Jess Saunders - Music Performance student

Coming to university is scary in itself. You’re leaving home, looking after yourself for the first time, finally studying your favourite subject and suddenly trusted with money! Moving into halls is an exciting experience and one I would recommend to anyone. Students are a different kind of human and it’s amazing what a group will manage to do.

When I was choosing my accommodation, I wanted to be self-catered and have an en-suite, it seemed like the best set up for me and thankfully I got what I wanted. I lived in block A in Stockbridge which is one of Chichester’s off campus halls. Obviously, like most people, I wanted the on campus experience but once I’d settled into my lovely flat it began to feel like it’s own little student village. I enjoyed leaving campus every day and leaving any stresses of my course behind me. It was nice to be elsewhere. Although there isn’t a bus to Stockbridge the walk wasn’t too bad. I got to walk through town every day which meant I got to know the city really quickly and the shops too!

One of my favourite parts of living in Stockbridge was being so close to Chi Gate, a retail park down that end of the city. I could actually smell Nando’s from my bedroom which was glorious to say the least! I was also super close to the cinema, Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Taco Bell so they have all the important bases covered. Being so close to the train station was also a big bonus for me. Home isn’t too far away so it meant I could easily hop on a train and see my mum without having to trek around Chichester.

But I think my favourite part of living in Stockbridge were my flatmates and how many of my course mates lived there too. There was always a big group walking up to campus every day as well as another big group going back later on. Overall, my halls experience was great and I would urge every fresher to go for it! You’ll have the most weird and wonderful year guaranteed. 

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