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Top tips for international students

By ChiUni 05 May 2020

By Sam, BA (Hons) Media Studies with International English (2018 graduate) and Students' Union International Officer 2016-2018

  • Looking for work - there is nothing more certain than having jobs available for students, but you have to be eager to apply. Sometimes you may send off 10 or 20 applications just to get a couple of interviews, but that's the reality. The fact is that you can definitely get a job if you keep at it and not give up after a rejection. For CV, cover letter and application help - the Careers Team in the SIZ are present every day and ready to assist!

  • Money matters - this is something every student dreads. Your money seems to be disappearing quicker when you're a student as EVERYTHING costs money and you are now taking care of your own needs. The money advisers are great at helping you manage your money and they give excellent suggestions on how to make it last a bit longer. If you do find yourself in a more serious financial situation, then there are options available where the university could help you out financially. 

  • Social life - the Zee bar hosts weekly events and parties that suit all tastes. You can also join societies that feed your hobbies and interests or if you can't find exactly what you're looking for then you can start your own society. Bognor has the only club in the area, Sheiks that have lots of student nights for cheap prices - other nightlife hotspots like Brighton, Portsmouth and Southampton are barely an hour’s train ride away. 

  • Studying - let's talk about studying. Chichester benefits massively from being a smaller university. You as a student will always be able to have one-to-one appointments with your tutor and trust me when I say USE THEM! I regret not seeing my IALS tutor till my final year and I wish I had. They are there for a reason and will be able to help you with any issues regarding to your studies. 

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