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Preparing for University life

By ChiUni 06 May 2020

Yumika from Japan, BA (Hons) Tourism Management

If I could give myself advice on how to prepare for life at Chichester, I would tell myself to find out more about the UK and the local area in advance. Knowing where to shop for food and how the local transport works were things that I struggled with during my first week here. Eventually things started to make sense. My top tip is to ask for help! People around here are really kind and prepared to help.

Another tip is to bring your favourite food/ingredients from home. It is not always easy to find food you are used to using and having them with you can make a big difference when you are missing something familiar from home. It is also nice to share your country’s culture and cuisine with others.

My final bit of advice is to research your accommodation options:
The University has two campuses – Bishop Otter Campus (Chichester) and Bognor Regis. These are 11 miles apart. There is a free intercampus bus, so you can choose to live in Chichester and study in Bognor Regis or vice versa.

For me it was important to be able to cook my own food, so I chose to live on one of the off-campus (self-catered) halls of residence options in Chichester. I travel to Bognor Regis for my lectures. The halls in Bognor Regis are all catered which means that you get breakfast and dinner in the Otters Restaurant, so if cooking is not your thing, you may want to go for the catered accommodation option.

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