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Millie Donovan - Chichester Memories #4

By ChiUni 04 Aug 2020

Favourite course memory

My favourite memory was when I got to see us all embarrass ourselves in front of each other during our comedy module. We had to write and perform a stand-up comedy routine as part of the assignment and I can tell you now, I doubt any of us will become a comedian anytime in the future though 😉

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Favourite SU event

I always enjoyed Freshers Week, especially the Freshers Fair. This is because it is a chance for everyone to get involved, see what type of societies are there and for the freshers to interact with the 2nd and 3rd years. Societies are a great way for freshers to meet new people and see that there are so many friendly people at the university.

 The giant silent disco is also a huge event – which allows you to go out with your hall mates, housemates and friends!

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Favourite society memory

My favourite memory of Film Society was when we were picking the next officers to lead the society in 2020/21. The amount of enthusiasm the candidates brought when they read their speeches showed that they wanted to continue the growth of the society and keep the positive changes the 2019/20 officers had made.

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Favourite local place

I liked looking around Chi Cathedral gardens, especially during the Spring/Summer when all the gorgeous flowers are starting to show their colours – also, it’s GREAT Instagram and photo opportunity!

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Overall experience

My overall experience has been amazing, I’ve made friendships that I will cherish and take with me into the future. I enjoyed getting to know people in other departments, through sharing a house, to a particular favourite of mine, Open Days. Open Days were so much fun, and I will be sad not to continue helping out. I enjoyed promoting the university to prospective students and helping answer their questions as much as I could.

Chichester may be a smaller university than others, but that’s what I love about it. All the members of staff in my department, Creative and Digital Technologies, were so friendly and would never shy away from a chat in the café or their office and would always support us through whatever we were going through.

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