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Joining a team or society will make your University experience!

By ChiUni 22 May 2019

Amy Westwood - PE and Sports Coaching

I chose Chichester because I could see that there was a great sense of community, I liked how close the students seemed to be with their lecturers meaning that they could get the most out of their experience.

My favourite thing about studying at Chichester would be the close relationship we have with the lecturers, they all make the effort to get to know everyone to make sure you get the most out of your experience! There also a vast range of modules to choose from to really make the degree your own. 

Joining the Women's Football team and getting to be a part of the WSIHE family has definitely been a highlight of my three years. Get involved as much as you can, don't hold back on joining a sports team or society, they will make your university experience and you'll create friends for a lifetime! 

Finishing my dissertation was an exciting and proud moment. It was a great feeling to produce my own research project in a subject that I'm so interested in! And to be able to hand it in with my pals on my course and have an obligatory dissertation photo was the cherry on top of the WSIHE cake!

I'm so excited to start my PGCE and continue my time at Chichester, it's what my three years have led to and it will finally allow me to pursue the fantastic career that is teaching. I'm a little nervous as it'll be hard work but knowing we have the lecturers and peer support to help always makes it slightly easier! 

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