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How joining a society can make you more employable

By ChiUniJobs 08 Jun 2018

If you haven’t yet joined a society at uni, you definitely need to think about doing so. Joining a society can make your time at university unforgettable. You’ll meet new people, some of whom who I guarantee will become friends for life, learn new skills, and as an added bonus, you’ll boost your employability. 
Don’t believe me? Here’s how joining a society can make you ten times more employable. 
You’ll learn new skills
Whatever society you join you’re bound to learn new skills. From social skills, to creative skills, to sports achievements, by joining a society you’ll finish university with so much more to offer than someone who didn’t participate in any extra-curricular activities. 
You’ll show potential employers that you’re a ‘people person’
Most roles will involve at least some level of communication, and employers want to hire people that they can see themselves getting on with. 
By being a part of a society, you’ll show employers that you can thrive in a social environment, and that you’re definitely a ‘people person’.
You’ll stand out as an interesting individual 
By including that you were part of a society in your CV, you’ll be more likely to stand out from the crowd. 
A society membership on your CV is like giving employers a tiny insight into your personality, rather than just your experience. 
It gives you something to add to your CV if you don’t have much experience
Many students worry that they have nothing to put on their CV other than academic achievements and part-time work. But if you’ve been a part of a society, that’s also something you can add to your CV - as you will learn valuable skills from participating in the running and the events of the society. 
You’ll develop the ability to work as part of a team
A lot of job roles will involve working as part of a team, so employers will be looking for candidates that have previously worked as a team member. Societies are all about teamwork, so if you’ve been in a society throughout your time at university, you’ll show that you not only have experience of team working, but that you also enjoy it. 
If you become a committee member, you’ll show organisational and leadership skills
Every society has a committee, and if you become a committee member, you’ll demonstrate your ability to organise events, and work in a leadership role. 
If you know what you want to do after finishing university, you can also go for a committee role that’s more relevant to your long term goals. For example, if you’re hoping to go into accounting, you could apply for a treasurer role within your society’s committee. Or if you were hoping to become a manager, go for a more senior position, such as President or Vice President. 
In a subject-based society, you’ll show your commitment to your subject
There are subject-based societies as well as sports teams, and as a member of one of these societies, you’ll show employers that you are well and truly committed to your subject. 
You’ll also start to boost your expertise in a certain area. For example, if you study English Literature, you could join the creative writing society, and gain even more experience as a writer. 
You’ll develop your time management skills
Studying for a degree can involve long hours of lectures and independent study, and if you join a society, you’ll develop the ability to manage your time more effectively, as you juggle your degree and the society meetings. 
You’ll show that you’re no stranger to hard work
Studying for a degree is not easy, and if you want to make time for a society, you’ll need to work even harder. 
By juggling both a degree and a society, you’ll show potential employers that you’re a excellent at multitasking and working hard.

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