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Enjoy the best 3 years of your life, it goes by in a flash!

By ChiUni 30 Jul 2019

Jess D'Arcy, Sport and Exercise Psychology student

The lacrosse club at Chichester is just like my family, we're all very close as we are such a small team. Since my first year the club has grown so much, the girls team has just kept increasing in size and the boys have been doing better in the league each year.

WSIHE is not just a name but a culture, you get introduced to it on your first day of uni and it's there for you every week. So if you've had a hard few days with work you know on a Wednesday you can go out and have a good time with everyone, not just with lacrosse but the whole WSIHE family is there and its just an amazing feeling. 

I visited a lot of university's both large and small but Chichester just felt like it had something special about it. I think it has a real sense of community, not just WSIHE but the lecturers just seem really invested in the students and that really came across on the open day. 

My advice for students joining in September is just to dive straight in. Throw yourself into everything and just get involved because you'll miss out on some awesome experiences if you don't. Don't hesitate to ask around for help either, there will be people who are in exactly in the same boat as you and probably thinking about the same questions so just ask and everyone at Chichester is there to help you.

And finally try not to stress and just enjoy the best 3 years of your life because it goes by in a flash! 

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