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Chichester's best drinking spots

By ParisSaltBlogs 25 Nov 2018

Now the SU is great fun, a cheap drink and a cheerful atmosphere. But sometimes it is nice to explore further horizons and venture out. So these are the best places to get a drink in Chi!

The Duke and Rye - West Street - Church Opposite the Cathedral

If you are looking for a fancy Gothic architecture and quality drink, this is your place. The environment and high ceilings are stunning, proving a lovely backdrop for some quality beverages. The staff are friendly and the pool table doesn't have a crooked leg. What more could you ask for?!    

Sit and Sip  - Top of North Street

This place is on the pricey side, so maybe start here for one and then move on. it's a quirky small bar with an emphasis on trying new drinks. Feeling adventurous, sophisticated and pretentious? This is the place for you!

The Fountain  - South Street - Just up from the Chantry

One of the oldest pubs in Chichester, a fanatic spot for an alcoholic indulgence, the fish and chips aren't bad either. Come in and enjoy the historic building, being one of the oldest pubs around it is a lovely environment (and two open fires will keep you warm). Also hosts a large amount of live music and events. Great fun!    

The Dolphin & Anchor  - West Street - Centre of Town

Classic Spoons, it's dirt, and you can't escape the owners political views on the menus. But it is always a great laugh, plus the cheapest place around for miles! This is the best place to end the night (or start it). Burger and a pint for 6 quid?! Madness! 

This is just a small selection of some of the fine establishments you can visit, get to know the local pubs and see the real Chichester!  

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