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Ashlyn Mitchell - Chichester Memories #2

By ChiUni 23 Jul 2020

Ashlyn Mitchell - BA (Hons) Music Performance, 3rd year

Favourite course memory

There have been quite a few so it’s hard to pick! If I had to choose it would be international Jazz Day in my first year. (I am technically not on the Jazz course, however the Jazz Department are very inclusive). The Jazz department had the intention of raising money for a disadvantaged school in LA, they did this by playing one jazz song and keeping it going for 24 hours. The musicians would book 30-minute slots to go and improvise. It was challenging but a lot of fun.

jazz night

Favourite society memory

I have only been in the lacrosse team for a year, but I have found everyone to be very friendly and welcoming. My favourite memory is when I joined in their social for the first time (due to other commitments I’m usually unable to go). It was nice to get to know my team members outside of practice sessions.

a group of people in a field

Favourite SU event

The colour run was my favourite event, lots of my friends got involved and it is where I first had a taster of playing lacrosse. As we ran through a course people threw paint at us (in WSIHE colours, blue and yellow) so it was messy but fun.

colour run

Favourite local place

One of my friends and I used to go cycling when we had free time. West Wittering was one of the first places we went but it was one of the best. We got there in time to watch the sunset whilst walking up and down the beach, I would definitely recommend it if anyone was wondering what to do for the evening.

a sunset over a body of water

Overall experience

Overall I’ve had a very positive experience here. Chichester is a beautiful city, one that I wouldn’t have known about before going to university. It’s small enough to be friendly but large enough to have so many things going on. Staying in off-campus accommodation for my first year was great for me as I could walk through the town every day.  Plus, with it being amongst the sunniest places in the UK, the weather only added to the positivity of the experience. I’m looking forward to doing another year!

The ambassador scheme is something that I am glad to be involved in. Through it I have met lots of new people on lots of different courses which I never would have spoken to otherwise. I also think it is a good way for new students to feel welcomed and included.

a group of people posing for the camera

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