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7 reasons why you should do a Degree Apprenticeship!

By ChiUni 09 Apr 2020

BY: Sian Spiers, first year Degree Apprentice

I am currently in my first year pursuing a degree apprenticeship in Digital Marketing at the University of Chichester. I feel degree apprenticeships are often overlooked when contemplating higher education options. So, I have collated a list of seven reasons why you should choose a degree apprenticeship!

  1. No tuition fees
    Let’s not avoid the obvious here! As a degree apprentice, your employer will cover your tuition fees. This means that you will leave the university with a degree and wait for it… no student debt!

  2. Get a step ahead from everyone else
    By the time you’ve graduated, you would have already learnt an abundance of skills from real life work situations. A degree apprenticeship will allow you to develop the skills that really matter to employers. You’ll be setting yourself aside from traditional graduates who wouldn’t have had the opportunity to develop these skills in depth. 

  3. Earn a salary
    Finance is often something that puts prospective students off when looking to do a degree. Fear not! As a degree apprentice, you will be employed full time and will be earning a salary. 

  4. Progress within a company
    Although there is no guarantee, most degree apprentices are offered the opportunity to stay on with the company after the apprenticeship is completed. According to UCAS, retention rates for apprentices can exceed 80%. 

  5. Student perks
    It is important to remember that you will still be a student with all the same rights and perks as a full-time student! This includes: student discount, access to Students’ Union, the library, societies and sports teams, halls of residence and many more! 

  6. Gain relevant experience
    The most rewarding part of the apprenticeship for me is being able to apply what I’ve learnt to real life work situations. The relevant industry experience that you will gain alongside the qualification is second to none. 

  7. Lots of support
    I get it, the prospect of starting a new job and joining university at the same time can be very daunting! Rest assured, as a degree apprentice, you will be supported by both your employer and the university. On my first day at the University of Chichester, I was introduced to my academic advisor, who is there to support me through my university experience.

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