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6 reasons you should study a Postgraduate degree

By ChiUni 21 Apr 2020

BY: Jess Saunders, MA Music Performance and UCSU Postgraduate Officer

Choosing to study a Postgraduate degree was a no-brainer for me. I wanted a qualification that was the next step of my undergraduate degree and I had already established a lot of professional contacts through the University of Chichester. 

For others, it may not be such an easy decision and that's okay! Here are 6 reasons why YOU should consider doing a Postgraduate degree: 

1. Pursue your interests in more depth

Without stating the obvious... You'll be able to dig deeper into the subject you love! You start to pursue your chosen area of interest in your final year dissertation project, however you can continue this even further with a Postgraduate degree. 

2. Make yourself more employable

Deciding whether a Postgraduate degree is worth the investment of time and money is the most difficult decision. However, having a Masters makes you more employable, opens more career paths and gives you better financial prospects to progress in your career. 

3. Study part-time to keep a career

Whether you're already in your dream career and want to up-skill or need a job to fund your masters, part-time is the perfect option for you. I decided to do my course part-time to continue working alongside and give myself more time to spend on assignments and performances required for my degree.

4. Bursary funding

If the job is in demand then the likelihood is there is a bursary to help. Courses such as MA Social Work and MSc Physiotherapy are eligible for NHS bursaries and the majority of PGCE courses are eligible for government bursaries (up to £32,000!). 

5. 20% alumni discount on fees

Are you an alumni of the University of Chichester? You will receive a 20% discount automatically off your Masters degree fees for 2020/21 or a £1,000 cash bursary for doing a PGCE - game CHANGER. 

6. Go to University for another year!

Whether you've been out of education for a while or are looking to continue from your undergraduate degree, this is the perfect opportunity to be a university student once again.

Were you one of the unlucky students who missed out on arguably the best part of the academic year due to COVID19? Staying at university another year means you have a second-chance to live the memories that were BRUTALLY taken from you. You can't say no to a final Silent Disco with Chris Stark can you?!

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