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What to bring to your first day in a new job

By ChiUniJobs 04 Jul 2018

I recently had my first day in a graduate job, and I had no idea what to expect. I had the job description of course, but I wasn’t sure what to bring or what to wear. 
I was thankfully over-prepared for my first day, because as it turns out, being over-prepared is a whole lot less awkward than being under-prepared. So here’s what you should think about bringing to your first day in a new job. 
Proof of right to work
Before you can work for anyone in the UK, they need to see your right to work. If you’re a UK citizen or from an EU/EEA country, this could be your passport or your birth certificate. If you’re from outside of Europe this could be a biometric residence permit or residence card, a right of abode certificate, etc.
You won’t be allowed to work until your employer has seen your proof of right to work, so if your employer hasn’t seen it before your start date, bring it with you on your first day.  
Complete and bring any forms you’ve been sent
If you’ve been emailed any forms to complete, make sure you do complete them and if you haven’t already sent them back to your employer, bring them with you on your first day.
Fill them out before you arrive at work, rather than hurriedly completing forms in front of your employer – this might make you look a tad unorganised. 
Dress appropriately
If you’re not sure what to wear to your first day, dress to impress. Your first day is your chance to show your employer that they chose the right person for the job, and a smart outfit is a great way to impress. 
Bring a laptop if you’re starting in a digital role
If you’re starting in a digital role, you may need to bring your own laptop. Even if you haven’t been asked to, by bringing one anyway you’ll look super prepared, and if you need to attend any meetings you’ll be able to take your laptop to take notes on. 
Bring a notepad and pen
Your first day is likely to involve a lot of note taking, and whilst you might be given a notepad and pen once you get there, it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. 
Having a notepad on you also means you can jot down any instructions, so that you don’t have to keep asking for help! Never be afraid to take notes, in fact, it can make you look more organised. 

Bring lunch and a drink
Unless you know your office is near a shop or a café, it’s best to bring your own lunch and a drink for your first day. The last thing you want is to spend your entire lunch break hunting down a café or shop that doesn’t exist.  

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