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The sports teams are my favourite part of uni!

By ChiUni 30 Jan 2020

Adele Page, PE in Secondary Years

Going to a University with good sports facilities and having a range of sports to be able to play was one of my priorities. I played a lot of different sports at a good level before I came to University and it was really important that I was able to carry this on when I was to university.

When I started I joined Women's Football and Lacrosse and I play in weekly competitive matches for both teams which I absolutely love. I also joined the Chichester Racquets Club across the road as they had high quality squash courts and I play in a local league with good competition! They have student discounted memberships too so it's not too expensive and you also have access to their gym, steam room and other racquet sport facilities included in the membership. 

I absolutely love how many facilities are available for students to book whenever they need in Tudor Hale Centre of Sport. The SU book training slots for each club but you can also book out spaces on top of this for extra training or to conduct testing for university assignments. The on-campus gym is also available everyday during term time and is cheap for students. The staff in Tudor Hale are super lovely and are so helpful so if there is equipment that you specifically need, they will help you find it! 

The best bit about going to a University that has in Institute of Sport is the access to different expertise and students wanting real experience to help others as much as possible. The Sports Therapy students run a free weekly clinic to help with any injuries you might pick up and help you rehabilitate them too - I've used them many times! The Strength and Conditioning students volunteer their time with some of the sports clubs to give advice, take training sessions and help students get to peak performance. There is also a lot of opportunity to coach for the University teams, Football and Netball in particular play in the highest university leagues which gives high quality coaching opportunities for students that want it. 

There is also a lot of opportunity to try new sports if you want to, the majority of sports clubs have recreational/development teams for students who might want to try a new sport or just to keep fit without the pressure of playing competitively. That's the best thing about Chichester, whatever level you are or whatever involvement you want in sports teams, there is always an opportunity for you! This university is a massive family, everyone is extremely supportive and whatever team you decide to join, you'll love them all instantly. And if there isn't a team already - you can set one up through the SU!

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