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The Otters' Restaurant is the heart of campus

By ChiFood 11 Sep 2019

At the Otters Restaurant there is a variety of options throughout the week and different themes throughout the year.

As a catered student you have a daily allowance that can be spent in the Otters Restaurant, Costa or Starbucks on campus. On weekdays you'll have £8.15 and weekends you have £4 per day.

For breakfast there is an option for a 5 piece fry-up for £3, cereal, toast, muffins and all other usual breakfast items you'd expect!

There are always 4/5 different options on a weekday which is a mixture of a salad bar, jacket potatoes, omelettes, pasta, pizza, mid-week roast dinner, Chilli's - you name it, we serve it! There is also a vegetarian alternative for every option. We even have our popular deli bar 9:30-4:30 on weekdays where sandwiches are made fresh in front of you. 

Theme-day Thursday's are our favourite day of the week because it's a chance for us to get really creative with the food we serve. Whatever wacky idea we think of in the kitchen, we'll always trial it for you to make sure there is a variety! We've had a German Market to get everyone in the festive spirit near Christmas, Korean tacos, Alpine cuisine and even a Waffle Bar... that has unlimited toppings!

And of course, my favourite counter is the fan-favourite #AbdulsKart! I serve a mixture of choices including chicken tikka, lamb kofta, falafel in pitta's or flatbreads with a selection of salads and sauces. As soon as the sun is out, you'll catch me with my kart outside the Otters Restaurant! 

As soon as the new students arrive, we get to know students quickly as we see you everyday, so don't be afraid to chat to us! 

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