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Secure your success with a personal mentor

By ChiUniJobs 09 Apr 2018

Kick start your ideas and plans for your future and apply to have a professional mentor who will discuss your ideas and answer questions about the world of work 

Mentoring is a powerful tool, giving you access to an informal 'professional friend', someone with experience within an organisation who will help with your career plans, employability, and accessing graduate roles.
What is mentoring?
You will be matched with a working professional who will help with many things including to explain what it’s like in their business. They will share their experiences and help you on your journey to success. 

How can a mentor help you?

Your mentor will be there to guide and advise you as you start out in the world of work. Here are some of the ways they'll help you:

  - Develop your contacts in the business world
  - Assist with tailoring your CV
  - Introduce you to their work colleagues
  - Undertake a mock interview
  - Give you insight into a sector or local organisation.
How does mentoring work?
Mentoring is a two way process so it’s important that you both feel comfortable with the location, content, style and length of meetings.
How  - Usually to have a face to face meeting is most helpful, but mixing this with phone calls, emails and skype conversations can all work too.
Frequency and length
Once matched with your mentor we recommend that you aim for about once a month or every 4 or 5 weeks. Meetings are usually an hour but you may find you go on for one hour and a half. It depends on you two and what is best for you.
Location – If you can get there easily we suggest you meet at your mentor’s place of work as often as you two agree. However many mentoring pairs start by meeting at the University, in the Otter’s restaurant, or in Starbucks or Costa. A Café in Chichester or Bognor is also appropriate. You both need to feel at ease to have an honest conversation, somewhere safe, like a café or public library

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