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International Women's Day 2020

By ChiUni 06 Mar 2020

We are so proud to be surrounded by history on both of our campuses. In the 19th century, we were one of the leading institutions in the UK for training female teachers and being a part of the suffragettes movement. In light of this, we are celebrating the inspirational female University of Chichester staff and students for International Women's Day! 

Dr Moitree Banerjee

Moitree is the driving force for this years University's mental health campaign. She organised mental health awareness sessions led by staff and students reflecting on their experiences and how to promote positive mental health. She also created a #30DaysOfKindness challenge as her research shows that acts of kindness and compassion towards other and self impacts positive mental health and wellbeing.

a person standing in front of a store

Georgia Alston

Award-winning Georgia is one of our Chartered Manager degree apprentices who oversees her family-run business Pinks Vintage. She was originally involved in the business during a summer break from another university when her mum was unable to drive their Pinks Vintage ice cream van and fell in love with the business. Since 2016, Georgia has helped the business grow from one ice cream van to 2 vans, 1 retro tricycle and an ice cream parlour situated in Bognor Regis whilst studying one day a week with us!

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Lucy Pearson

MA Creative Writing graduate wrote an article for The Guardian on 'The Kindness of Strangers' reflecting her experience of reaching out for help in a desperate time of need. Lucy was diagnosed with cancer having surgery whilst pregnant and started chemotherapy one week after the birth of her daughter. Realising she was overwhelmed with stress, pressure and living in a new city, she reached out for help and had over 20 strangers respond immediately! In the article, she covers the importance of reaching out and asking for help.

Lucy Pearson with children

Boryana Dzhivdzhanova

Recent Digital Film Production graduate Boryana's dissertation film 'Relevé' came runner-up for the Bill Vinten University Award for Cinematography. She has since been offered work experience with BBC Birmingham and is now a member of the Guild of TV Camera Professionals. 

2019 - Our 180 year anniversary

For International Women's Day 2019, we recreated a photo taken outside of Cloisters from the 19 century with current inspirational staff and students. We are so proud to still have the same building on our campus from 1839 to continue our teaching and research excellence and celebrate the history that surrounds us every day.

A photo outside Cloisters from 1839 recreated in 2019

Lizzie Speller and Charlotte Marks

Psychology students Lizzie and Charlotte hosted a 'mental health toolkit' session for staff and students on National University Mental Health Day. They both openly spoke about their experiences of mental health and their motivations to make positive change towards the topic of mental health and wellbeing.

Charlotte Marks and Lizzie Speller posing for the camera

Liv Hughes

Second year Politics and Philosophy & Ethics student Liv has frequently used the student support services at the University having had news from home heavily affect her mental health whilst at University. She explains the importance of reaching out to friends and mental health professionals in times of struggle and how this has helped her achieve a more positive outlook. 

Professor Jane Longmore

Vice-Chancellor and History professor Jane Longmore delivered an International Women's Day inspired talk on current equality issues worldwide and their impact on society. She covered the #MeToo movement and females access to education in third world countries. In her talk, Jane poses questions to reflect on our own experiences and what International Women's Day means to you. 

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