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Fine Art Degree Show 2019

By ChiUni 20 May 2019

Through my painting I aim to evoke an emotion of tranquillity and serenity... and a sense of warm welcome associated with our experience of being 'in nature'. 

Through the creative journey of making my work on this programme, I have rediscovered my love of natural environments and find I have reconnected with the landscape.

Woodlands are the environments that I have felt most drawn towards, so I have developed subjects mainly from this kind of context. Working from a mixture of memory and photography, I concentrate on the colour and the application of the paint. I let my instincts dictate how representational the paintings need to be as I build up layers of paint. 

In the less figurative works, I allow the paint to be more fluid, adding layers of thinned oil paint that run, soak and drip, creating organic compositions, resembling the growth of tall trees in a forest without the need to explicitly depict them. 

This use of fluidity of the paint helps me arrive at a hazy blend of colour ad form, producing a sensation that evokes that sense of tranquillity  that comes from being amongst the growing environment. In the more figurative paintings, I use layers of complementary colours to create depth and rely on the use of photographic source of imagery and keep much more careful control of where the paint goes. With more explicit reference to the appearance of a landscape scene, I aim to suggest a sense that the viewer could just step into the environment. 

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